Communication and International Marketing

The 7Cs model is proposed by Hanlon (2022) as a model for competitor analysis.


The components of the model are defined as follows;
Customers – the target audience or personas that the competitors are seeking.
Communication – what is being said, and how and where it is being said. 
Culture – the organization’s personality, what is acceptable and what is not, and its core values inside and outside the organization.
Convenience – the ease with which a customer can purchase or complete a conversion action.
Consistency – ensuring that the same service, the same message, the same tone of voice and the same use of imagery are demonstrated across all online and offline platforms.
Customization – encompassing the degree of personalization that websites offer.

Based on an organization of your choice, use the digital 7Cs for competitor evaluation and evaluate some (at least three) competitors to your chosen organization. If any aspect of this model doesn’t work for you, adapt it! Prepare a detailed report of your analysis. Ensure you provide details of how you went about your analysis (methodology), what your findings were, backed by verifiable facts, and your recommendations to the management of your organization of choice.


Quality of external competitor analysis
Identification of weaknesses and strengths of the focus organization
Relevant recommendations for the business
Organization, clarity and conciseness of the report.
Be sure to properly cite all sources used in your research using APA (7
th Edition) style.

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