Project Management

You were asked to compare, contrast, and critically evaluate a pair of projects from a single reference class in a report of about 2,500 (references and common parts excluded). REQUIREMENTS:  LO1 Apply essential project management methods and tools and integrate their results utilizing a systems approach.  LO2 Synthesize a comprehensive project master plan and an effective delivery strategy.  LO3 Critically evaluate the contribution of wider issues, such as quality or risk management, in a project environment.  LO4 Critically evaluate and recommend the most appropriate techniques for managing a project.   TASK: Below you can find a detailed description of the report assessment

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Strategic Human Resource Management

Please read the instructions thoroughly.Write a report about a human resource management (HRM) issue affecting your organisation or an organisation you know well.The HRM issue you choose to write about must be one of the following: job analysis and design, recruitment and selection, or employee retention.In your report make sure to include:• A brief description of the organisation and the HRM issue you have selected.• An analysis of the HRM issue. Describe the issue in detail. Explain why the issue needs improving in the organisation; make a case for change. Include in your analysis a comparison of practice in your own

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Strategic Operations Management

Question 1HBM Limited, a major retailer of electrical and electronic products in West Africa would like to apply the lean supply chain concept to improve its business operational performance and competitiveness. As the Supply Chain Operational Director, you are required to critically:a. Evaluate how HBM Limited can effectively apply the lean supply chain concept in its business operations. As a company in the Retail Services sector do you think implementing the lean supply chain concept would improve its business performance and why? (10 Marks)b. Examine how suppliers of HBM Limited can contribute to the improvement of its business performance and competitiveness

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People Management

The new Pastor of the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church had made a big impression in the six months since being appointed. The Rev Nathaniel’s charismatic preaching style and warm personality have seen attendance at worship services rise. The church is located in one of the poorer districts in the town and there is clear poverty and social issues amongst the local population. The Rev Nathaniel is concerned that the church is too insular and inward looking and he wants to spread the message by reaching out to the local community. At the last Deacon’s meeting the Rev Nathaniel floated the idea that

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Theology and Practice of Ministry

The aim of this unit is to enable students explore the theological and practical dimensions of ministry.  The unit will help students to understand and be prepared for the essential dynamics of faithful pastoral ministry in a congregational setting.  In your role as a pastor, you need to be able to deliver presentations to provide information to others. So, as part of your personal and skills development activities, you have been asked to give a presentation covering four key themes for a competition. Prepare the content for your presentation using the tasks outlined below. For each of the themes, produce slides,

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Introduction to Christian Theology

Unit 5 Introduction to Christian Theology Unit aims This unit aims to provide learners with an introduction to the understanding of Christian theology and the nature and necessity of theology in the contemporary world.  This will include the authority of God’s self-disclosure in Scripture, the nature of the Triune God and the doctrines of man, sin, the person and the work of Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Students will also be introduced to the biblical doctrines of salvation, sanctification, the church and the last days.   This unit will draw upon and support learning in the following units in this qualification:

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Introduction to Biblical Studies

The purpose of the unit is to provide students with a foundation for careful and informed analysis of both the Old and New Testaments as Scripture. Students will gain an overview of the biblical books and be able to describe their content, culture as well as their theological, historical and literary contexts. Attention will also be given to Ethical issues arising in some texts and the geography of parts of Bible lands.A high school in your district has just appointed you as their Acting Chaplain. The Christian Fellowship in the school has set up a Bible Study Club, which discusses the

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Theology of Mission and Evangelism

This unit aims to enable learners to explore the centrality and the nature of mission in the teaching of the Scriptures. In this unit learners will also be able to reflect on the relevance of a biblically faithful theology of mission and evangelism for the church’s obedience to Christ in our contemporary world. In your church it is expected before ordination, that every licensed minister completes a period of internship in mission and evangelism. You are required to take your church’s intensive course in mission and evangelism before you will be posted to a location for the internship. However, you are

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Management Challenge

PART I – THE INVESTIGATIVE PHASE – (THE PURPOSE OR THE MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO IDENTIFY THE CAUSE OR CAUSES OF THE PERFORMANCE GAP AND MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR IMPLEMENTATION) As a requirement for the professional administrator licensing programme, you are required to: Select an operational, departmental, or individual employee performance-related issue of concern in your Department. Define the problem, and support it with the relevant facts and figures, as evidence or indication that it is an issue of concern to the organization. Conduct a problem/situation analysis and conduct a systematic investigation to identify the cause(s) of the performance gap. Based on

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Strategic Auditing and Legal Studies

STRATEGIC AUDIT WORKSHEET ANALYSIS A.1 Corporate Performance Evaluation i. Select the organization of a group member in the class, and use the Balanced scorecard tool to evaluate its performance. The KPIs must be correct, but the supporting performance data used may not be the real facts. ii. Conduct a comprehensive environmental scanning, using the SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s five forces model, and any other relevant tool to assess the external and internal environment of the organization evaluated in (i). iii. Use the information gathered in (i) and (ii), present your result for analysis using the EFAS, IFAS, SFAS, and the TOWS matrix.

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Corporate Finance

ASSIGNMENT (CORPORATE FINANCE)1. Pick 2 companies with similar asset sizes(a competitor company)2. Get a financial statement of these government companies3. Look at a trend Analysis of 5years period.4. Look at before and after Covid. (NB 2020 should be the reference/reflective period. 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022). (Do ratio & trend analysis). Source main Data (Income Statement & Balanced Sheet) from the cash flow. Is there any statistical difference from each other. Eg. Return on Equity. Eg. We have to translate in year 2018 (R.O.E) increased and in year 2019, it decreased.5. We should also go further to the average and structure

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Critical Reflection on Practice

Essay 1: Critical Reflection on Practice (5000 words; 40%)A 5,000 word essay presenting an evaluation of the student’s development as an advanced reflective practitioner. This piece of work offers an opportunity for students to consider how their participation on a programme of practice-based research has influenced their professional and intellectual development. As well as critically drawing on relevant scholarship on reflection and reflective practice, the essay will, where appropriate, draw on the student’s research notes or learning journal that they have been keeping from the outset of the programme, although candidates are at liberty to disclose only those elements they find

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Financial Decision-making for Managers

You have been employed as a business advisor with a local enterprise company that works with local government to provide advice to small and medium sized businesses and new entrepreneurs on various aspects of business. The partners know you have some financial knowledge and have asked you to complete a variety of tasks related to finance. Task 1Jess is a local entrepreneur who has spare funds in her company and wants to invest in listed company shares. She has asked you to look at two potential companies that are listed on the stock exchange and advise on their stability and the

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Strategic Financial Management

The purpose of the Asset and Liability Management Committee (ALCO) is to achieve sustainable and stable profits within a framework of acceptable financial risks and controls, by adding value to the business through the management of liquidity, interest rates and foreign exchange risks, balance sheet structure as well as capital management.“The Ministry of Finance has pleaded with President Akufo-Addo not to assent to the recently passed anti-LGBTQ bill by Parliament. In a press released on Monday, March 4, the Finance Ministry cautioned that approving the bill could result in significant financial consequences for Ghana.”Later in the afternoon of the day of

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Project Development and Planning Management

Task 1 of 1 (AC 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3)You will need to develop a research proposal to show how to plan and manage a DBA research project. You can choose the topic but are advised to check with your tutor that your choice is appropriate. You can use the structure below to present your ideas or use your own style. Introduction • Sets the scene by providing the purpose of theresearch proposal. Rationale for the choice ofthe research problem. • A convincing argument that explains the rationale,motivation for choosing the research problem

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