International Business Management

Assignment Question
Assume the role of CEO of a conglomerate business operating in not less than four (4) unrelated goods/service industries in Ghana. Present to the board of directors (BODs) a comprehensive report that makes a case for internationalization by addressing the following issues:

1. A brief background of the conglomerate in relation to the specific types of goods/services in the various unrelated industries it operates in. (Note: The logic of your subsequent answers and arguments is strongly informed by the clarity and specificity of this answer)

2. Explain to the BODs the various factors that informs the decision to go international in relation the chain of businesses.

3. In your internationalization drive, assure the BODs on your understanding of how cultural differences between nations will be more or less important than cultural variations within nations in respect of the goods/services in the various unrelated industries.

4. Spell out the internationalization business strategy/strategies to be used for the various unrelated industry goods/service and show how it relates your answer to Question (3)

5. Justify your choice of market entry strategy/strategies as spelt out to the board along with potential benefits and downsides.

6. Explain at least two (2) potential political risks with your internationalization strategy and convince the BOD on how best to manage/counter such potential risks. 10marks

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