International Human Resource Management

1. A. Describe and discuss the main similarities and differences between domestic and international HRM.
B. Define these terms.
i. PCN
ii. HCN
iii. TCN
C. State key differences in salary compensations for PCNs and TCNs

2. A. Define and discuss Hofstede’s cross cultural management study.
B. Define the methodical procedure and results of the GLOBE study.

3. A. Discuss Issues of Standardization and Localization in general MNEs
B. How do the Issues of Standardization and Localization manifest themselves in IHRM activities?

4. A. How does country of origin influence a firms approach to organization structure?
B. Describe the development phases of an M&A and the respective HR implications.

5. A. Outline four approaches to international staffing.
B. Why would MNEs choose the various staffing approaches?

6. You are an HR Director for an SME that has begun to use international assignments. You are considering using an external consulting firm to provide pre-departure training as you do not have the resources to do this in-house.
A. What are the reasons for using international assignments?
B. What components will you need covered?
C. How will you measure the effectiveness of the pre-departure training program
provided by this external consultant?

7. A. Should Multinational be concerned about expatriate failures? If so why?
B. Outline the major factors associated with appraising expatriate managerial

8. A. What is your view of international initiatives to criminalize foreign bribery?
B. With an international mindset, outline evidences that are there to show that corporate code of conducts are effective.

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