Marketing Management & Strategy

You are the only person from your village that has managed to go to the university and you are now in level 400. The chief of your village has established a micro finance company to help the village dwellers. The manager of the company is a senior high school leaver. The manager together with the chief has invited you to educate the staff of the company on the theme “Discouraging Abusive and Opportunistic Customer Behaviour”. Make a presentation
b. Marketing has often been defined in terms of satisfying customers’ needs and wants. Critics maintain that, marketing does more than satisfying customers’ needs and wants and, in fact, create needs and wants that did not exist before. According to these critics, marketers encourage consumers to spend more money than they should on goods and services they really do not need. What is your opinion on this on-going debate? Take a stance and defend your position using practical examples of a company in Ghana that you perceive to have created or satisfied customer needs.
c. Nana Yaa is the managing director of Nadarko Body Clinic, a leading “body Massage butik” in Kumasi has established standards in her organization that to the best of her knowledge must satisfy customers. Though many of her customers are content and satisfied with her services, many others are still dissatisfied and customer complaints keep increasing. Nana Yaa does not understand why in spite of all her efforts at providing the best of services, customers are so fastidious. She decided to conduct a market research to find out what customers wanted; in her outcomes, she came across the term value in almost all her findings. “Value” is said to be subjective; discuss any FOUR (4) major factors, that influence how the customer perceive value.
d. Seek ye first the satisfaction of customers, and all its rewards shall be added to you. Discuss

Funerals are so dear to the human race as many tries to give befitting burial to the departed souls. In this regard, marketing activities in a form of publicity as well as advertising takes place as part of planning activities before, during and after the funeral. Develop funeral marketing plan for a popular celebrity who passed on. Take note of the components that make up a marketing plan and address them accordingly.
b. We often hear political parties talk about how marketable a candidate must be to win an election. Briefly develop a political marketing plan for an opposition political party whose candidate is not popular to win an election. Take note of the components that make up a marketing plan and address them accordingly.
c. Jay and Sons Company Limited (JSCL) are manufacturers and distributors of a host of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). The Management has realized that some of the products of the company do not survive after few years of introduction. You have been appointed by the company to manage the products so as to lengthen its existence. Discuss the relationship between product life cycle and marketing mix variables

It is very important to understand the needs and wants of customer by conducting market research in order to create a satisfied customer. In the context of customer satisfaction, discuss the statement “consumer research is more scientific than guerilla marketing strategy”.
b. What is social marketing? Suppose the objective is to create ‘safer driving habits among the population’. Design a product to achieve this objective.

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