Professional Licensing Programme


(Professional Administration Practice Assignment)

1. a) Within the context of business management processes, explain the following terms:

i)       Administration

ii)       Administrator

iii)     Administrative Management

b) Differentiate between the following:

i)       Administration and Management

ii)      Professional Administrator and The Administrative Manager 

2.       i) In what department or unit are you presently working?

ii)        Does your unit have the following Department/unit specific:

a)    Vision,

b)    Mission,

c)    Objectives, and

d) Policies, that defines the operational direction of the department/unit (If yes, state them)

iii)     Are the above factors aligned with the corporate goals of the Institution?

iv)       In case your unit/department does not have a well-defined operational direction aligned with the corporate posture, you are to suggest an operational vision, mission, and operational objectives for your department or unit designed to support the attainment of the corporate goals.



(Management of White-Collar Crime)

1.    Why should your organization be interested in white-collar crime?

2.    Do you have a formal policy on white-collar crime within your organization? 

a)    Do you have a formal policy on documenting white-collar crime within your organization?

b)    What challenges have you experienced in documenting and dealing with white-collar crime to date?

c)    What are the penalties for White-Collar Crime within your organization?

d)    What steps should your organization take to minimize the chances of white-collar crime?



(Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct)

1.    Which critical areas of your organization have policies on ethics and codes of conduct?

a)    What challenges have been associated with the implementation of these policies?

b)    Give examples of how some of these challenges have been handled?

2.    What conflict of interest situations commonly arise in your work environment as an administrator? How have these been handled and with what success/consequences?



Using a tabular format carry out the following exercise on Current Health and Safety Risk Assessment for your organization/department/unit:

a.  Identify what can likely go wrong

b.  Estimate the likelihood of occurrence (Low, Moderate, High or in percentages)

c. Indicate the impact if it occurs (Low, Moderate, High or in percentage)

d.    Indicate what can be done to prevent it from occurring

e.     Indicate what should be done to minimize the impact if it occurs anyway

f.      Determine in each case the resources that will be needed to implement the interventions.

g.    Prepare policy recommendation paper to management



Research and explain how each of the following techniques can be used in problem analysis

a)    Force Field Analysis

b)    Fishbone Analysis

c)    Cause and Effect Trail

d)    Critical Incidence Analysis

e)    Five Whys

f)     Interrelationship Digraph


ASSIGNMENT 6 (Answer any 2 Questions)

(Administrative Law and the Administrator in Decision Making)

1.   Assess the usefulness of ‘red light’ and ‘green light’ theories in explaining the constitutional dimensions of administrative law.

2.    Suppose that the government has decided to set up a scheme to provide compensation for deserving claimants who suffer injury in the course of medical treatment by the NHS. Two schemes are being considered: – the first would provide very detailed rules as to eligibility; the second would leave very wide discretion. Under the first, decisions on individual claims would be made by an independent tribunal; under the second, decision would be made by officials in the government department. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of these rival schemes.

3. “The effective preservation of the rule of law demands that any citizen should be seen as having a ‘sufficient interest’ in seeking judicial review of government decision which he/she considers unlawful. Standing rules should therefore be abolished”. To what extend do you agree with this contention?

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