Project Management

(a) List and describe the (i) features and (ii) the parameters which apply to all projects. Explain how those affect the work which a project manager will be responsible for.

(b) Explain what is meant by “the triple constraints of a project, and what a project manager’s responsibilities regarding those ‘triple constraints’ are.

(c) Explain what is meant by “project life-cycle”: list the main parts of the cycle and outline in detail the responsibilities of a project manager or leader for the first two parts of the project life-cycle.

(d) Outline a good process for dealing with changes and change requests on a project, and how change requests should be handled by a project leader.

(e) Assume you have been given the responsibility of creating a budget for a small or medium size project. List and describe the budget preparation process you would apply, the types of costs which need to be considered, and the cost-estimating methods which you might use.

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