Project Work; Research Methods I

1. You are to develop three (3) topics for Research Studies on your own based on your understanding in Research Methods.
Note: This can be industry related or based on the modules you have previously done in School.
2. For each of the 3 selected topics, develop the following
I. The background of the study (1 page)
II. The Problem Statement of the topic (1/2 page)
III. The aim of the proposed topic and the working objectives
IV. Brief Methodology (I page)
3. For each of the write-up, List 3 THEORIES that will be relevant to the selected topics
4. Select one of the three topics that you are likely to use for your dissertation/thesis and,
a) Construct at least 2 research questions for this study.
b) Suggest how the researcher could use random sampling technique to select 50 participants for the study.
c) Evaluate the use of random sampling in this selected study.

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