Strategic Human Resource Management

In preparation for this assignment, you are required to read the following article:
Tucker, E 2017, ‘3 Keys to closing workforce planning gaps’, Talent Development, vol. 71, no. 11, pp. 34–38.
Based on your insights from the learning materials, textbook, and the scholarship article, undertake a strategic workforce planning exercise for your organisation or an organisation with which you are familiar.
As a part of your strategic workforce planning exercise, you are required to:
a) Develop a systematic process of human resource planning (HRP) based on a detailed environmental scan, labour demand forecasting, labour supply analysis, and balancing demand and supply to meet the current and future staffing needs of your chosen organisation.
b) To successfully execute the above HRP, please refer to the scholarship article by Tucker (2017) and critically evaluate the following three areas: People, Process, and Technology in the specific context of your chosen organisation. Identify some of the key challenges associated with each of these areas and suggest improvements.
You must provide a brief introduction of your chosen organisation and industry. To do well in this assignment, you will need to structure your discussion appropriately, use quality academic references, and explicitly link your recommendations to the earlier parts of your analysis.

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