Corporate Strategic Policy and Planning

1a) Describe the aims and place of Environmental Scanning within the strategic management process, and the factors which managers and strategists are especially concerned with.
b) Outline the principles, theories and factors dealt with in Michael Porter’s Approach to Industry Analysis, and explain why Porter’s model of analysis can assist business managers and strategists.

2) Describe the main business and competitive strategies, and outline the risks which each strategy may have. Define and discuss other factors which may affect which competitive strategy is adopted, including the features required to attain competitive advantage and sustainability.

3. (Answer any TWO ONLY of these questions)
(i) Describe the planning and organizing required by managers who are responsible for the effective implementation of a chosen strategy.
(ii) Outline the concept, strengths and criticisms of the BCG Growth Share Matrix, and outline why the model can assist managers and strategists.
(iii) Compare and contrast the concepts of Six Sigma and Total Quality Management, and outline which model/concept you think is most important.

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