In an era of the devastating effects to our water bodies and forestry by Small-Scale Mining (SSM – popularly known as Galamsey) many well-meaning Ghanaians including some technocrats have advocated for the government of Ghana to encourage more social Entrepreneurs into the mining industry instead of Business Entrepreneurs.

Write a report to the Hon. Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, detailing reasons why the above advocacy is worth considering and proffer some recommendations that would help manage the Galamsey menace more effectively.

In your report

Ensure you cover the following elements:
1. In your introduction, give a brief overview of the Galamsey menace in Ghana and its effect on the environment.
2. Evaluate the weaknesses in the systems that have led to the current predicament.
3. Evaluate various government initiatives to curb Galasmey activities such as (OPERATION VANGUARD AND GALAMSTOP).
4. Assess the benefits and challenges in implementing the agenda for Social entrepreneurship in the country (This would be a clear debate between social and business Entrepreneurship).
5. Suggest strategies government must implement to ensure that its initiatives succeed and ways to develop an effective monitoring system so the current situation would not recur.

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