Leadership and Management

Reflective journal
This assignment is designed to assess the student’s ability to describe, explain, justify and demonstrate knowledge of one or more of the main principles of the Leadership subject. The assignment addresses all course objectives and the graduate qualities related to written communication, systematic inquiry, decision-making ability, lifelong learning and the ability to work independently.

Description of the assignment
This assignment is a written work of 2250 words (plus or minus 10%). You will need to write three (3) entries in a reflective journal recording your leadership experiences and thoughts relating to situations which have raised issues. Each reflective entry should be 750 words (plus or minus 10%). You should start working on the task as early in the subject as possible. The entries may reflect on situations in your organisation or an organisation that you know well.

Your entries must reflect directly on the principles discussed in the Leadership subject. Each entry may relate to a different situation or topic. You can use the journal to reflect on your intuitions, perceptions, and emotions, particularly in response to your stance as a leader.

Each reflection should focus on one of the below leadership situations.
1. A situation in which you used a transactional style of leadership to draw results from the followers, or observed a leader using the transactional leadership style.
2. A situation in which you used a high level of emotional intelligence to handle a difficult situation.
3. A situation in which you used delegation to achieve the goals through your followers.

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