Leadership and Management

You have recently been employed as a trainee departmental manager by a large corporate organisation. All new employees are enrolled on an induction training programme. As part of the programme, there are a number of tasks and activities that must be completed to successfully pass the induction and become a permanent member of staff. All of the work needs to be retained in your induction file which will be presented to your line manager on completion of the induction programme.

Task 1 – Induction Training Programme Preparation

Before attending the first session, you have been asked to complete some background reading and prepare a set of detailed notes.

Your notes should:

  • • analyse strategic leadership and the links to management in organisations.
  • • evaluate key leadership and management theories.
  • • analyse the contribution of performance techniques in organisational processes.

LO1 AC 1.1, 1.2

LO2 AC 2.3

Task 2 – Discussion Paper

Each inductee is required to produce a Discussion Paper for use in one of the induction sessions. The title of your Discussion Paper is ‘Explain how leadership and management styles change to meet the needs of business situations’.

Your Discussion Paper must include:

  • • an explanation of how leadership and management styles should change to meet the needs of different situations found in organisations.

LO1 AC 1.3

Task 3 – Employee Intranet

The organisation where you are employed has a comprehensive intranet system that is used by all employees and contains a range of information sheets and appropriate literature. There is a particular section which is devoted to managers in the organisation. As part of the Induction Training Programme, you have been asked to prepare an information sheet for inclusion on the intranet system.

Your information sheet must include:

  • • an analysis of the skills which are needed by strategic leaders and managers to improve organisational performance.
  • • an analysis of the key motivational theories and how they may influence organisational success.

Extension activities:

To gain a distinction grade you must:

  • • choose a number of business organisations, with which you have a working knowledge and then evaluate how these organisations use motivation to improve their organisational performance.

LO2 AC 2.1, 2.2


Task 4 – Report for Line Manager

Extension activities:

  • You are required to prepare a report that is to be used as the basis for a discussion in a meeting with your line manager.

To gain a merit grade you must include the following in your report:

  • • an assessment of the impact that theories of leadership and management may have on strategic decision making.
  • • an assessment of the qualities and skills of a named leader in achieving organisational success. You may choose any leader based on your background reading and research.



Task 5 – Presentation and accompanying notes

At the end of the Induction Training Programme you are required to prepare a presentation with supporting notes to present to your peers.

You must:

  • • explain the development of teams
  • • analyse the characteristics of high performance teams
  • • evaluate the role of the team leader in creating high performance teams
  • • assess the impact of teams on organisational performance.

Extension activities:

To gain a merit grade you must:

  • • analyse the challenges of developing effective virtual teams.

• To gain a distinction grade you must:

  • • evaluate the importance of using different types of teams to achieve the required outcomes of a project.

LO3 AC 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4



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