Management Information System

You have gained a contract as an IT Consultant with GoGlobal Limited. The company needs to review their existing management information systems in order to make improvements. This will include the use of new technologies to move into global e-business. Initial costing show that this will require significant investment that will impact on developments elsewhere in the business.

The Managing Director has asked you to prepare information that covers a variety of different issues relating to management information systems. This will help the organisation decide on its future plans.

Following a meeting with the MD and his senior colleagues you are required to complete the following tasks. This will require conducting research into the use of information technology in different organisations.

Task 1 – Formal Business Report

You need to produce a formal business report for the Senior Management Team of GoGlobal Limited.

 Your report must include:

• an analysis of how information systems are used in different organisations.
• an evaluation of the role of information systems and technologies in transforming organisations.
• an evaluation of the role of information systems in global e-business.
• an examination of the role of information systems in developing organisational strategy.
• an assessment of how information systems contribute to achieving a competitive advantage.

Extension activities:

To gain a merit grade you must add extra sections to your report that address the following questions.

• Assess the challenges to developing global information systems.
• Review the relationship between information systems, organisation strategy and e-strategy.

To gain a distinction grade you must add an extra section to your report that addresses the following question.
• Assess the impact of internet technology and social media on traditional business models.

Task 2 – Queries from SMT
Having discussed the report, individuals in the Senior Management Team have raised some questions and these are listed below. Produce a response to each of the queries and requests for information.

Query 1
I am not confident that we need to invest time and effort in developing an e-strategy. Can you explain the benefits to organisations?

Query 2
I need to have a better understanding of apps and social media and their impact on potential changes to MIS. An analysis of their use in organisational information systems would be helpful.

Query 3
I have seen lots of information recently about Big Data. Will you analyse issues of using it.

Query 4
As the MD I know that accurate data is important in facilitating decision taking and impacting on the performance of GoGlobal. However I need more detail to support me in discussions with other Directors. In particular I want:
• an analysis of the relationship between information systems and decision making
• an assessment of how information systems can improve organisational performance.

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