Marketing Communication

You have just completed ABS MBA program and you have been appointed as head of marketing communications of newly established company. The management and board of directors tasked you to prepare a comprehensive and convincing reports on the following:

1. Prepare comprehensive integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan for the organization to gain competitive advantages.

2. Prepare comprehensive advertising plan for your organization to gain competitive advantages.

3. Identified any five (5) TV advert in Ghana of choice and do the following analysis:

The name of the advert
The purpose of the advert
The communication messages
The targets audience or markets
Mentioned the five objectives of the advert
The name of the products in questions
The brand ambassador in the advert
Why the choose of that celebrity in the advert
Five factors to consider when choosing celebrating for your advert
Five advantages and disadvantages of using celebrity in your advert

4. As an advertising consultant, you have been asked to write a journal article entitled ‘Advertising Regulations’. In your article explain the advertising regulations in a country of your choice. You must demonstrate an understanding of the underpinning concepts and ideas of the following, using examples to support your explanation.
1. Children and advertising
2. Alcohol advertising
3. Product placement
4. Shock advertising (emotions)
5. Fashion and beauty advertising

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