Strategic Operations Management

Write a report which analyses the supply chain management of any business or organization of your choice. Highlight what are its importance to the business and critically discuss the service provided or the products produced by the organization. Examine the supply chain objectives. Also, discuss the two vital relationships important for the supply chain network and how you would manage them to achieve the objectives of the organization. In the report, you are required to:

• Describe the organisation and the supply chain process you have selected.
o Keep the organisation description brief but make sure that the reader can clearly understand what the organisation does and the organisational context.
o Keep the supply chain description brief but ensure the reader understands what the process is, how it affects the organisation’s overall performance, and how it is currently designed. You need to include a supply chain or process map – which can be a high-level process map, particularly if the process is large.
• Evaluate the current performance of the supply chain in terms of all five performance objectives.

Given the organisation’s strategy and needs, identify and briefly discuss the performance objective or objectives that need to be improved.
Use some of the concepts and tools of Supply Chain Management to analyse the supply chain in detail and provide recommendations on how it can be improved in terms of the identified operations performance objective (or objectives).

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