Performance Management

Using the theories and concepts dealt with in PCM topics, please undertake a reflective critical analysis of the following journal article:

Aguinis, H, Joo, H & Gottfredson, RK, 2011, ‘Why we hate performance management—And why we should love it’. Business Horizons, vol. 54, no. 6, pp. 503-507.

Address the following points against the backdrop of the journal article as per the structure noted below. Support your views using relevant literature and examples from your work experience:

I. Introduction (400 words)

II. Reflective critical analysis (1500 words)
Critically analyse the authors’ views in the article using relevant workplace examples and personal reflection:
• Critically analyse whether the author is justified in arguing that ‘the potential benefits of performance management are not realized because most systems focus exclusively on narrow and evaluative aspects such as performance appraisal’ (p. 503, abstract). (500 words)

• Critically evaluate this statement by providing examples that suggests ‘a performance management system allows organizations to improve workforce and succession planning activities, as it is the primary means through which accurate talent inventories can be assembled’ (p. 505). (500 words)

• Critically review the current performance management system of your organisation or any organisation of your choice against the backdrop of those characteristics mentioned in Table 2 of the article. Briefly discuss the areas that are relevant to your chosen organisation (500 words).

III. Conclusion (300 words)

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