People Management

Picture 1The new Pastor of the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church had made a big impression in the six months since being appointed. The Rev Nathaniels charismatic preaching style and warm personality have seen attendance at worship services rise.

The church is located in one of the poorer districts in the town and there is clear poverty and social issues amongst the local population. The Rev Nathaniel is concerned that the church is too insular and inward looking and he wants to spread the message by reaching out to the local community.

At the last Deacons meeting the Rev Nathaniel floated the idea that the church should open an outreach café near the church. The cafe would provide cheap, nourishing food and would be a point of contact for those who do or do not attend church. He suggested that the church employ a part time manager, and that volunteers help with food preparation and also be available to listen and talk to the customers.

As a trainee Minister, attached to the church, you think the suggestion of an outreach cafe is worth further investigation and say so during the Deacons meeting. However some of the other deacons are cautious about the idea and have lots of questions regarding the implications of employing and managing staff. It is agreed that a full discussion will take place at the next Deacons meeting.


Task 1

The Rev Nathaniel asks you to prepare a paper for the next meeting. The paper should explain how:

·        your country’s legislation impacts on the management of paid employees and volunteers

·        recent changes in technology and society have impacted on the management of people

Extension activities:

To help the Deacons fully understand this issue by using an actual example, prepare a further paper that reviews the approach to the management of people on a contractual or voluntary basis in a chosen organisation or community

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

LO AC1.1, 1.2 and 1M1


Task 2

It is agreed that the Deacons will set up a small working group to understand and oversee the staff and volunteer recruitment process.

To help the group you agree to produce a report that:

·        assesses best practice in the recruitment process for paid employees

·        examines different approaches to attracting volunteers into the right roles

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

LO2 AC 2.1 and 2.2


Task 3

The working group ask you for more information on how to support and monitor both the paid employees and volunteers. In order to address these concerns you produce fact sheets that:

·        examine different approaches to monitoring the performance of employees and volunteers in an organisation/community

·        discuss the methods to optimise the support and development of employees and volunteers

Extension activities:

To further support the Deacons in their understanding you agree to produce an evaluation of the approach to performance management used in a chosen organisation.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

LO3 AC 3.1, 3.2 and 3M1


Task 4

The Deacons are now committed to the outreach café project. It is clearly important that communications with paid employees and volunteers are effective and there is a consistency of approach and a training event is organised.

You prepare a presentation on communication for this training session that:

·        explains the benefits of good communication to employees and volunteers within an organisation/community

·        identifies the problems that arise when communication is not effective

To help the Deacons understand the points about effective communication you also produce a handout for the training event which analyses different methods and channels of communication, within an organisation/ community.

You decide to demonstrate how to communicate effectively by producing different styles of communications conveying strategic information to paid employees and volunteers working in an organisation/ community.


Extension activities for Merit and Distinction:

The Deacons find the use of real examples very helpful and so, you produce:

·        an evaluation of the effectiveness of communication within a chosen organisation/ community

·        a workforce training plan for an organisation/ community linked to performance management and institutional objectives

At the training event

·        you communicate this plan to the group who assume the role of people working in an organisation/community on a contractual or voluntary basis

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

LO4 AC4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4M1 and 3D1

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