Strategic Operations Management

Question 1
HBM Limited, a major retailer of electrical and electronic products in West Africa would like to apply the lean supply chain concept to improve its business operational performance and competitiveness. As the Supply Chain Operational Director, you are required to critically:
a. Evaluate how HBM Limited can effectively apply the lean supply chain concept in its business operations. As a company in the Retail Services sector do you think implementing the lean supply chain concept would improve its business performance and why? (10 Marks)
b. Examine how suppliers of HBM Limited can contribute to the improvement of its business performance and competitiveness (5 Marks)
c. Examine how HBM Limited can support their suppliers. (5 Marks)

Question 2
DKF International, a producer of locally brewed non-alcoholic beverages would like to expand its business into the Sub-Saharan African Region. Having read about the benefits of using an ERP system for his operations, you have been invited as a Supply Chain Operation consultant to present a paper to Management on how technology can be applied throughout the supply chain to improve business operations and gain competitive advantage.
a. Examine how technology can be applied within the entire supply chain to enable DKF International to gain its competitive advantage and be a market leader. (10 marks)
b. Analyse the benefits and challenges of the implementation of real-time technology for the company. How would the company overcome the challenges identified? (10 marks)

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