Contemporary Employment Relations

Assignment Question
An engineer working with VodaQ Engineering PLC had an accident on the line of duty, as he fell off a tower he was working on and broke his rib. As a result, he was hospitalized for a long period of time. His family spends all their resources to care for him with little support from the company. VodaQ Engineering claim the type of injury the worker sustained is not covered in any of their policies at the time of the accident. The employee and his family have decided to sue VodaQ Engineering PLC.
a) Is the employee justified for going to court? Explain.
b) Do you agree that this situation is a consequence of poorly designed compensation and benefits?
2. Employees of MZN Subsidiaries organized a demonstration against its management for withdrawing an allowance which was agreed upon by both parties. This demonstration led to the destruction of Company properties.
a) Identify and explain the category of misunderstanding.
b) Does their action attract any disciplinary measure?
c) What disciplinary measures would you recommend?
3. A factory worker at Plak-Con Distilleries accidentally had his toe chopped off. Upon investigation, it was discovered he did not comply with machine operational guidelines. PlakCon awarded the employee a workmen compensation which the employee deemed as not befitting and therefore refused to accept the compensation. He pursued the case in court; however, the court dismissed the case, and the employee was to accept the initial compensation he rejected.
a) What does this say of employee attitude toward their safety?
b) As newly employed HR manager, present a proposal to your management on strategies to enforce safety practices.

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