International Business

Adonko is a Ghanaian company that has operated for about a decade. Competition has increased in the Ghanaian market. The company is investing to increase its production capacity. As such the company is hopeful to enjoy economies of scale. In addition, the company has more products in its warehouses which is more than the demands of the Ghanaian market. The company has embarked on several domestic marketing campaigns to increase sales.

As the Business Development Manager, you have been invited to submit a strategic report on how to improve the fortunes of Adonko. Your report should address the following concerns and provide strategic directions:

a) Decide on whether going international is a strategic imperative.

b) Select with justification a market to enter.

c) Discuss two (2) Macro environmental factors to consider.

d) Explain three (3) modes available for Adonko in entering foreign markets.

e) Advance a market entry strategy for Adonko.

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