Leadership Transition at Sankofa Company Limited

The Chairman of the Sankofa Company Limited –SCL- has summoned the Members of the Board of the sugar factory to an emergency meeting on account of an electronic mail from the Sankofa Group- SG Chairman on the subject ‘We need a better Leader at SCL’. In the message, the Chairman summarized that in 2021, employees expressed dissatisfaction in the leadership of SCL. The Board’s committee on Strategy and Governance met on Friday December 17, 2021, to agree on the motion that SCL must have a new MD/CEO. In March 2022, the main Board of Directors of SCL sanctioned and approved of the motion to appoint a new Managing Director. In April 2022, you were appointed the MD/ CEO to report to the Board of Directors and to start work effective October 01, 2022.

a. With your key knowledge and personal industry familiarity describe your on-boarding experience with the 90-day rule on how you will settle in and subsequently use the LeaderFollower-Situation-LFS- interactional framework to explain a practical definition of leadership, taken into consideration the leader, the follower and the situation to disintegrate and subsequently conjoin the Leader, the Follower and the Situation to harmonize your role, the team and your deliverables. 1000 WORDS

b. As a Leader, discuss how you would introduce a new Performance Management Review
System to get the team to understand Performance, Motivation and Satisfaction with clear
examples by discussing two motivation techniques and how they are applied at the
workplace using your examples from your previous experience and how you will tap into
the lessons to motivate the new team. 1000 WORDS

c. Using any three Universally Positive or Negative Leadership Attributes discuss your
understanding of the subject of the mail ‘We need a better Leader’ 500 WORDS

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