Enhancing Marketing Communications

Marketing communication is responsible for shaping customer perceptions of a firm. When executed well it affects the performance of a firm. You are tasked with recommending a promotional mix element for a company of your choice operating in one of the following sectors:
a) Fast Moving Consumer Goods
b) Education
c) Banking
d) Telecommunication
1. Introduce the Chosen Firm:
Begin by providing a brief background of the selected firm, including its name, industry sector,
and key products or services.
2. Analyze Current Marketing Communications:
Evaluate and analyze the current marketing communications strategies and campaigns employed by the chosen firm. This could include advertising, public relations, sales promotions, direct marketing, and digital marketing efforts.
3. Identify Marketing Communication Needs:
Determine the specific marketing communication needs of the chosen firm based on its current position in the market, target audience, competitive landscape, and business objectives.
4. Compare and Contrast Promotional Mix Elements:
Compare and contrast four promotional mix elements that the firm currently uses or could potentially use. For each element, highlight its advantages and disadvantages in the context of the firm’s marketing communication needs.
5. Recommend a Communication Mix Element:
Based on your analysis, suggest a communication mix element that you believe would benefit the firm the most. Justify your recommendation by explaining how this element aligns with the firm’s
current marketing communication needs and how it can help achieve its objectives effectively.

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